Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Amazing Bill Shankly : The Forgotten Tapes

Track listing:

01 - Building the team.mp3
02 - The early days.mp3
03 - Transition.mp3
04 - The second great team.mp3
05 - Tactical switch.mp3
06 - Cheers and tears.mp3
07 - Goals and celebrations.mp3
08 - Supermac.mp3
09 - Resignation and frustration.mp3

The amazing Bill Shankly reveals how he arrived to raise the club from its mediocrity in the 1950s.. It encompasses his assessment of major signings and gives insights into his football philosophy and psychological approach for preparing players for heroic deeds.

It revels with Shankly in his team building, in his many successes and also reveals why he quit after 16 years at the top. It lays bare the deep sorrow he felt at not being asked to join the Anfield board of directors. Hear Shankly speak as you've never heard him before.

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