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Liverpool 1 - 1 Hearts Match HIGHLIGHT Europa League 2012/13

Liverpool 1 - 1 Hearts Europa League 2012/13 Match HIGHLIGHT

Europa League 2012/13
Liverpool  1 - 1 Hearts

at Anfield Stadium
30 - Aug - 12 20.05 ( GMT +1 )

A late solo-effort from Luis Suarez sealed Liverpool's place in the group stages of the Europa League after they beat Hearts 2-1 on aggregate.
The Reds drew 1-1 at Anfield on Thursday night despite controlling play for large spells of the game and carving a multitude of opportunities to put the tie beyond their visitors.

Andy Carroll set move to West Ham United on Loan

Andy Carroll set move to West Ham United on Loan

Liverpool officially stated that Andy Carroll will not play for Liverpool FC again on the rest of the season. The Reds Already agreed to lend long-haired striker to West Ham United until the end of the season.

This season Andy Carroll is so constantly the subject of speculation this summer, especially regarding his future at Liverpool. Brendan Rodgers indicated that Carroll not be his first choice team, and a player for 35 million pounds was too good to warm the bench and just became the third player.

Could connect with several teams such as AC Milan, Newcastle United, etc.
Finally West Ham, who previously had tried to buy Carroll, Andy Carroll finally be an option. The Hammers have reached an agreement with Liverpool to borrow Carroll.

"Liverpool can confirm that Andy Carroll joined West Ham United on a loan deal during the season," a statement on Liverpool's official website.

Since purchased from Newcastle at the start of last year at 35 million pounds, Carroll did not show his class as expensive players. Even so I think Carroll will still be growing, but it is the style of play brendan now, Carroll seems less suited to play rodgers scheme. So maybe Carroll choice to leave is the best option, and can keep the hope of returning to Liverpool with experience and fitness are more mature.

Carroll Goodbye, good luck at west ham united ....


Liverpool 1 - 1 Hearts Europa League 2012/13 Match Report

Europa League 2012/13
Liverpool  1 - 1 Hearts

at Anfield Stadium
30 - Aug - 12 20.05 ( GMT +1 )

A late solo-effort from Luis Suarez sealed Liverpool's place in the group stages of the Europa League after they beat Hearts 2-1 on aggregate.
The Reds drew 1-1 at Anfield on Thursday night despite controlling play for large spells of the game and carving a multitude of opportunities to put the tie beyond their visitors.

Match Rating Liverpool vs Hearts

Liverpool play with their usual 4-3-3 formation. the surprise inclusion of Adam Morgan as Right Forward and Stewart Downing as Left Back prove to be quite success. they both do their part quite well. Unlucky for Morgan to have his first Liverpool Goal disallowed. Meanwhile, Carragher and Henderson back to starting lineup and did a decent job.

Liverpool doesn't play convincing, they almost lost when Templeton scores due to Pepe Reina mistake, but a few minutes later Luis Suarez again safe the day for Liverpool.
He scores a goal from a tight angle and difficult situation to make sure Liverpool through to the next round.
Player Ratings:

Reina - 5.5 - a Big Mistake from the reliable GK, actually he done a decent job from the back to help the defender keep the possession.

Kelly - 6.0 - a good enough performance from the Right back. unfortunately his cross is such a waste from the right flank; he often confused where to pass.

Skrtel - 6.5 - had a good game, great tackle and positioning from the defender

Carragher - 6.5 - had a good game, good vision, always provide options to pass

Downing - 7.0 - done superbly as a Leftback, his crossing was magnificent.

Allen - 7.5 - BOSS the tackle, he has done a great job to fill Lucas position

Gerrard - 7.5 - had a decent game, make a few error from his pass but his game maker skill is still brilliant

Shelvey - 8.0 - MOTM, control the midfield superbly, he would have a good future if he keep up his playing at this level

Henderson - 7.0 - his through pass was a Killer. he has done a good job.

Morgan - 6.0 - unfortunate not to score, but he had a quite decent game.

Suarez - 7.0 - Score the Winning goal, he actually doesn't play in his top level, miss a few chances.

Sterling -6.5- Lively since he came on, always provide option from the right. 
Borini - 6.0 - Anonymous since he came in. doesnt have a single chance but quite good to provide option and pass.


Author : Andryan Dedy

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Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper .. with 1440 x 1280 resolution .. suit for your popular handheld :)

'If Steven Gerrard is the heart of Liverpool, then Carra is the soul' - Liverpool legends pay tribute to Jamie Carragher

for more wallpaper :

Rodgers will help gerrard realize his dream, to win the premier league

During his career at liverpool, Steven Gerrard has never won the premier league. despite having won the Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, League Cup, etc, is not complete if you have not lifted the Premier League trophy.

With age not young anymore, 32 years. His professional career may be just a few seasons. Even so, the desire to lift the Premier League trophy still exists, though in reality it will be very difficult.

The current manager, Brendan Rodger knows very well, that Steven Gerrard was eager to win the premier league, and with the rest of the time, Rodgers was eager to help Gerrard realize these dreams.

"Steven still has a few years of his career. His dream is to win the Premier League with Liverpool and I will fight to make it all come true," Rodgers said as quoted by the official club website.

"He is an icon for this club. He won almost everything that might win in this club, but unfortunately there is a loss, and that he would fight until the end of his career to win the title," he continued.

"He is a realist and understand the reality looks like. He was not wrong direction," said Rodgers.

"I am pleased with his contribution. He was so brilliant since I arrived here. I worked with him as a person as well as a player. Example he ideal for everyone here," said the former manager of Swansea City.

Gerrard desire to win the premier league is very passionate, Steven said, "though really want to win the premier league, and I still believe will be able to win it, (with liverpool of course), but be realistic in life, my time as a player may be a few years away, so although optimistic, I have to be realistic, "said gerrard.

Until now, Gerrard has played 584 games and scored 150 goals with the Reds. Achievement trophy include two FA Cups, three League Cups, two Community Shield Cup, one Champions League, one UEFA Cup and two European Super Cups.

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Liverpool FC v Hearts: Match Preview Europa League 12/13

Match Preview - Europa League

Liverpool vs Hearts

Next match, Liverpool must pass a final challenge before advancing to the group stage, in the Europa League.

Against Hearts from Scotland Premier League, which is the second consecutive year a team of Scots will face a team from England. This is an opportunity for Liverpool to bounce back after a bad result in past weeks.

For the European League this season, is less clear whether Liverpool concentrating on more important championship or premier league. Looking at the composition of our squad, it is interesting that the most likely Brendan Rodgers will rotate and try some young players, and we will see more young players are often involved in the Brendan first team. Of course, with more young players involved need to realize that the chances of winning this trophy will be smaller opportunities.

Although not the Champions League, like it or not, we are still competing in the European leagues, and of course we will have a chance to create a moment that will be memorable. Even through first stage, however, Liverpool are not likely to be the underdogs, and will be targeted to be removed. Therefore pass vs Hearts, is very important for further progress.

After 2-2 draw against Man City, Liverpool fans and player are wanted to win this match to gain momentum towards the other premier league matches, Against City, Liverpool dominated and should have won the match, but their hope was buried by their own sloppy mistake. they sure want to repeat the performance against Hearts and want to win this match.

Like when your opponent Gomel, there would be little risk if we underestimate them, especially with the absence of Liverpool's famous inconsistencies when against a weaker team. Moreover, the Hearts, which is in position 2nd Scotland Premier Lague , often creating a goal in the last minutes.

Already leading 1-0 in aggregate thanks to the own goal of hearts defender, Andy Webster. Liverpool is more likely to win this match comfortably, especially because they will play in Anfield. Brendan promise to involve more young player in this match to give them experience as well as give some rest to some first team player to be ready ahead for Arsenal match on Sunday. 

5 goals already-created by Hearts, john sutton with 2 goals, andrew heart, novikovas, templeten each 1 goal. With Andy Webster and Zaliukas in the center back, leading the most appearances last season to 40 games. Zaliukas possibility can not play, because he was injured. Their main goalkeeper Mcdonald also likely absent, and will be replaced by Peter Enckelman

For Hearts, they are expected to at least to steal a goal before trying to win the match. with the same formation and line up. they had successfully frustrate Liverpool in the 1st leg of the match. they create more chance and so unlucky to not grab get a goal there. i am sure Hearts are hoping to replicate those performance in Anfield and try to win this.

As for Liverpool:

Kelly - Coates - Agger - Robinson
Adam Henderson
Downing Carroll Sterling

There's possibility of a lot of changes from last appearance vs Man City, where Gerrard, Suarez, Johnson, Skrtel, will not included, Enrique still injured and Assaidi got cup-tied, making Rodgers will play some young players. He said even earlier to give kids more include to the team, so it is not surprising that there will be many surprises in the formation vs Hearts.

But I think Liverpool would combine some of their 1st team player with some youngster. Shelvey, Henderson, and Adam are expected to fill the midfield, while Carrol would be implemented as lone striker up front along with Downing and Sterling on the side. Sterling is the man to watch here, after impressive performance against City, he sure wanted to repeat the performance and hopefully he could be in the score sheet against Hearts. Some youngster like Flannagan, Pacheco, and Morgan are expected to be on the bench and come up in the 2nd half.

At the back four formation, I eager to see  Agger duet with Coates, with Agger capacity as a leader in the back, also i hope the experience of Sebastian Coates will increase and continued to show his talent as a ball playing central defender. On the right side will most likely remain in the content by Kelly, and when Jack Robinson was full fit, then he should be played from the beginning, Robinson with his talent reminiscent of Emiliano Insua. 

At midfielder, Hope to viewing duet Shelvey - henderson, but it was difficult to determine the third players. Lucas did not seem ready, due to injury, Allen has played more than 180 minutes in last 4 days in a week. although expect Shelvey - henderson - allen in the center, but it could be possible that Adam in pairs to assist Shelvey - henderson.

In the forward position, to keep in mind, the possibility of Suarez and will Borrini at rest (or there may be on the bench), and the option to forward us very little. so that Carroll will likely be the first choice, accompanied by the Sterling on the left and one realistic option Downing on the right side.

Here I really hope, even with  young players, Liverpool could play with better performance, and with a similar score against Gomel. Hearts clearly better than Gomel, and it would be a serious threat to liverpool. But with our squad, it should not be a problem and see his final appearance with a quick pass and move, perhaps hearts should be passed with ease. So let's hope that much progress in the game played by our team.


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HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Free Steven Gerrard Wallpaper HD Pictures

Free HD Wallpapers and desktop background Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper. download wallpaper only at LFC is RED.

HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Free Steven Gerrard Wallpaper HD Pictures

Free HD Wallpapers and desktop background Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper. download wallpaper only at LFC is RED.

HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Free Steven Gerrard Wallpaper HD Pictures

Free HD Wallpapers and desktop background Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper. download wallpaper only at LFC is RED.

HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Free Steven Gerrard Wallpaper HD Pictures

Free HD Wallpapers and desktop background Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper. download wallpaper only at LFC is RED.

HD Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Steven Gerrard Wallpaper

Free Steven Gerrard Wallpaper HD Pictures

Free HD Wallpapers and desktop background Pictures of Steven Gerrard Wallpaper. download wallpaper only at LFC is RED.

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The Way Forward

The Way Forward

The Way Forward is an analysis of how Liverpool Forward would be under Brendan Rodgers; with 4-3-3 formation in which Liverpool would play with 3 forward, there are plenty of option: Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Fabio Borini, Oussama Assaidi, and surprisingly, the 17th years old Raheem Sterling.

from the first two matches, it can be seen that Liverpool play with unusual option on the front. 

Firstly, Downing and Sterling are implemented as a Forward Winger who has a job to dribble down the defense and provide crossing from the left/right side of the opponent half

Secondly, Suarez is implemented as a lone central forward up front. basically, his jobs is not only for scoring goals, but also he acts as a decoy by dragging the defender to be high up the pitch in which would leave some space for the midfielder to exploit.

Lastly, Borini is implemented as a Left/Right Winger up front of 3 forward. truthfully, his jobs is not to be a winger like Downing/Sterling. but to be a Poacher in the front of the goal. He will come freely from behind to score a goal while Suarez and other forward dragging the other defender.

to sum up there are three different job for each of the three forward upfront. for the alternative player that could fill the 1 forward winger role, it would be Assaidi, Sterling, Downing; for 1 central forward role it could be fill by Suarez, Borini, or Carroll; and lastly, the 1 poacher forward role could be fill by Borini or Suarez.

There are still plenty of combination and option in the attacking forward position to be explore by Brendan Rodgers. we still hasn't seen the skills of Oussama Assaidi and Andy Carroll yet. Brendan would have some role for both of them. For Liverpool fans, one think to be remembered is that this is Liverpool Football Club, No one bigger than the club itself, so there is no guarantee of starting 11 for every player, they need to prove themselves and be ready when the club need them.

Author : Andryan Dedy

Central Midfield Squad Depth

The "Fat" Central Midfield

This title sum up the fans confusion of why Liverpool brought so many central midfield in the team.  Liverpool bought in Joe Allen and Nuri Sahin to join the the team that already has Steven Gerrard, Lucas Leiva, Jordan Henderson, Jonjo Shelvey, Charlie Adam, and Jay Spearing: Total of 8 player in Central Midfield Position.

For those who think that this amount of player in central midfield position is too much, Let's just first break down the Liverpool Strategy; they used mainly 4-3-3 formation which require ONLY three central midfield. popular choice to fill that position is Lucas, Sahin, and Gerrard. then you might be wonder when and where will Jordan, Jonjo, Joe, Charlie, and Jay would play? the answer is the squad rotation and squad depth. we need this amount of quality midfield to compete on the top level just like United, City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham.

Let's count how many central midfield that this five top premier league have:

Man Utd: Anderson, Carrick, Scholes, Cleverly, Fletcher, Powell, Giggs = 7 player while they only play with 2 central midfield in 4-4-2 formation

Man City: Milner, Yaya Toure, Rodwell, Barry, De Jong, Nasri, Silva = 7 player while they usually play with 3 or 2 midfield in 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation (Nasri, Silva, and Toure as AMF in 4-3-3 formation)

Arsenal: Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey, Wilshare,Ramsey, Arteta, Coquelin, Frimpong, = 8 player in Central Midfield position to play in 4-3-3 formation

Chelsea: Essien, Romeu, Lampard, Oscar, Mikel, Meireles, Marin, Ramires, Malouda = 9 player in Central Midfield position to play in 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation

Tottenham: Livermore, Parker, Bentley, Huddlestone, Jenas, VDV, Gylfii, Rose = 8 player in Central Midfield to play in 4-5-1 in which only require 3 midfield

To Sum up, All those top team has abundance of quality central midfield to compete in BPL.

For Liverpool to have 8 Central Midfield, i think it is enough to compete with the top 4 team. We don't have to worry anymore if one of our player are injured. for example Lucas who injured last season make us struggle to find the replacement that has the same quality as him.

My Analysis of Liverpool 3 Main Midfield.
the 3 midfield consist of 1 Defensive Midfield, 1 Central Midfield, and 1 Attacking Midfield.

Defensive Midfield: Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen, Steven Gerrard, and Jay Spearing

Analysis: the priority for this position is Lucas Leiva, he is the best player in this position, second is Joe Allen (in case of Lucas injured) which proved against city that he is a quality player in that position, Third in case of unavailable Lucas and Allen, Gerrard should fill in that position, he has a decent tackle and has a good vision. Lastly is Jay Spearing in which are a good player but i think is not good enough for Liverpool.

Central Midfield: Nuri Sahin, Joe Allen, Jonjo Shelvey, Jordan Henderson, Charlie Adam.

Analysis: There is no need to explain that Nuri Sahin and Joe Allen will compete to grab this position, they both are the best player that Liverpool have to fulfill those responsibility in that position, their backup in that position would be Jonjo and then Jordan. and Last priority is the sloppy Charlie Adam.

Attacking Midfield: Steven Gerrard, Jonjo Shelvey, Charlie Adam.

Analysis: Only three player is capable enough for this role. No doubt about Gerrard Quality in this position. and again Adam is the last favorable player to fill this position

"Whatever it takes to make Liverpool successful again, My Live is devoted, it's all part of the dance" Brendan Rodgers

You Will Never Walk Alone
Author : Andryan Dedy

Liverpool vs Manchester City Highlight, EPL 2012/13

English Premier League
2012 / 2013

Liverpool FC 2 - 2 Manchester City

A stunning free-kick from Luis Suarez helped earn Liverpool a point against champions Manchester City as the Reds drew 2-2 in their first home game of the 2012-13 Barclays Premier League campaign. Overall Liverpool play very good, but two mistake cost our 3 points. Joe Allen as Man of the match, play very good display, with great passing accuracy, total 45 pass and 42 is accurate, play as a deep man, he can cut the games, and control the midfield from man city attack

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Liverpool FC vs Manchester City English Premier League 2012/13

Liverpool twice successfully and carry twice equaled Manchester City. At the end of the match both teams finished 2-2 at Anfield.

Martin Skrtel put Liverpool ahead on 34 minutes on Sunday (08/26/2012) after midnight EDT. Score 1-0 to the hosts held until halftime.

In the middle of the second half, exactly 63 minutes, Yaya Toure City managed to even the score. However, Liverpool immediately regained the lead three minutes later through Luis Suarez.

Ten minutes from time, a fatal error of Fruition With Skrtel Liverpool Goalkeeper Carlos Tevez managed to even the score.

With the results of the City being collected four points from two matches in the Premier League. Liverpool meanwhile had reached a point in two games.

Games :

Just five minutes of the game up, Lucas Leiva has had to withdraw due to injury visible. He was replaced by Jonjo Shelvey.

In the ninth minute, was fouled City in a good position after a foul on Mario Balotelli. Aleksandar Kolarov free kick, but still suitable for Pepe Reina.

A golden opportunity to present Liverpool in the 18th minute.
Raheem Sterling across the face of goal, Fabio Borini is sent. Sontekannya but sent the ball missed the mark.

City responded a minute later. Tevez has a great opportunity to send the ball into the net, but the goal posts thwart these opportunities.

In the 34th minute, Steven Gerrard dangerous to feed on the face of the City goal. Vincent Kompany who tried to cut temple of it almost sent the ball into the goal of his own team.

From the corner, Liverpool finally win. From Gerrard corner, the ball was sent to the front of the goal and then headed Martin Skrtel.

Five minutes into the second half of the match, the Liverpool attack. Passed the ball to Suarez who tends to the left, but the shot is still sending the ball Suarez goal range City.

On 63 minutes, City equalized. From a Tevez cross on the right side, the ball ran nonstop players, including Queen trying to go forward and brushed off. The skin round and then on Martin Kelly at the far post and bounced near Yaya Toure, who did not miss the opportunity.

The even position did not last long. On 67 minutes, Liverpool regained the lead. Free kick, Luis Suarez, who then kicked the ball rolled into the City goal.

A fatal mistake for Skrtel City equalized again in 80 minutes. Shaded by an opposing player in his own defense, pass responsibility Skrtel sent. Tevez ruled that the ball he faced then with Queen and conquer.

Gerrard sent the ball to Shelvey in 82 minutes. Then drive while their slim shot still far from the goal.

Liverpool launches a volley two minutes from time. Suarez had a shot on goal was blocked while Pablo Zabaleta. After header Andy Carroll turn toward the goal that chased Jack Rodwell.


Liverpool: Reina, Kelly (Henry 66), Johnson, Coates, Skrtel, Lucas (Shelvey 5 '), Allen, Gerrard, Borini (Carroll 84'), Suarez, Sterling.

Manchester City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kolo Toure, Kompany, Kolarov, Milner (Silva 76 '), Yaya Toure, de Jong, Nasri (Rodwell 60'), Tevez, Balotelli (Dzeko 62 ').

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Hearts vs Liverpool FC European League 2012/13

European League 2012/13

Hearts 0 - 1 Liverpool FC

An goal helped port complete a 1-0 conclusion over Hearts within the initial leg of their Europa League play-off on Thursday night.

The Scottish Premier League facet currently have it all to try to to at Anfield in an exceedingly week's time when defender Andrew Webster amused a Martin Kelly cross into his own web late within the game.

In a month once capital hosts its world known arts pageant, port set a couple of fringe show of their own, with squad players like Jack Robinson, Jonjo Shelvey, Raheem Sterling and Jay Spearing all beginning.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

WBA vs Liverpool FC - EPL 2012/13

English Premier League 2012/13

WBA 3 - 0 Liverpool FC
at The Hawthorns
18 - Aug - 12 15.00 ( GMT +1 )

West Brom Sink the Reds at Hawthorns

Brendan Rodgers First game as manager of Liverpool fc, ended with a 3-0 defeat at Liverpool 10 players come to West Bromwich.

Zoltan Gera opened the first goal before half-finished, with a fine volley from 20 yards.

The second half started with a high tempo, and liverpool eager to equalize. But then even surprised by Daniel Agger in his red card at minute 50, and sentenced to a penalty. Shane Long forward as an executioner, but managed to be saved by Pepe Reina

But then shortly West Bromwich gets penalized again after shane long in drop by Martin Skrtel. And this time Peter Odemwingie scored his goal from the spot.

Romelu Lukaku, adding to the pain of Liverpool fc, after then scored its goal and change the position to 3-0 for the hosts.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liverpool should fixes their midfielder instead of buying a overrated striker

Liverpool should fixes their midfielder instead of buying a overrated striker”

Several years ago , Liverpool was a massive power that obviously making some records of trophy, but it feels like long time ago and here we are now , the struggle club that fights for the honored position. Even though Liverpool has rebuilt with different managers and owners but what we have just got just a get down and get more down. If we look back in Hoillier’s era , Benitez’era , Hodgson’era, and Kenny’era there were a massive point that always getting weaker in every their leadership , yes, the midfielder . 
Why Liverpool always thinks if we about on difficult to win a season is all about we hasn’t good poacher? For some reason we always resolve the degenerate position by buying a striker . that’s hilarious in my mind. Let’s just see the midfielder for comparison .

Hoillier : Jamie Redknapp – Dietmer Hamman – Steven Gerrard
Benitez : Xabi Alonso - Mascherano - Steven Gerrard

Hodgson : Lucas – Steven Gerrard
Kenny : Lucas/Spearing – Steven Gerrard

In this way, Hoillier has a young Steven Gerrard that has strong energy to moves liverpool’s way to play , same way in Benitez’era , Steven Gerrard in his great and peak performance to encourages Liverpool’s. the midfielder in Benitez’s and Hoiller’s has a similar business to Liverpool . there are a different job for each midfielder. Dietmer Hamman – Jamie Radknapp focus in center and Steven Gerrard in front to helps striker emile haskey , for the same way Xabi Alonso – Mascherano focus in center and Steven Gerrard in front with Fernando Torres and the result of that similar strategy is a lot of trophies . 
Let’s look midfielder in Hudgson and Kenny , what a pity Gerrard ! he must covers another midfielder player in the field , that’s very difficult . even though we have a great stiker like Fernando Torres , Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll , what should they wanna do if the ball can’t go in front because stop in the middle of field. In my humble opinion , Liverpool should fixes their midfielder instead of buying a overrated striker . 
Rumor that Liverpool wants Allen and Dempsey , I think is the way Liverpool to fixes their lack of midfielder. In the end , I hope Liverpool gets a new great midfielder that improve how Liverpool plays with they own ways.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Allen: Rodger's Missing Pieces

Joe Allen: Rodger's Missing Pieces 

His Name is Joe Michael Allen, the 22 years old Welsh Midfielder who used to play for Swansea City is now a Liverpool player. After months of speculation, he finally complete his moves to Liverpool just after he finished represent the Great Britain team with a fee around £15,000,000. he was given long-five years contract with 40,000 pounds wages per week. What a bargain for this young talented midfielder !!

Few of you might be wondering what's so special about this so called "Allen".

The answer is that he might be the missing pieces that we need in order to get into the next level. His style of play is the mixture between Xavi and Iniesta. His simple passing is the key to link between the midfielder and forward, not to mention he is also like to penetrate into the opponent penalty box. Allen also has a decent shooting and tackling. If I have to gave him a rate, i would give an A for his short passing, B- for his long passing, B- for his shooting, B for his speed, and lastly B+ for his tackling. 

His position in the Liverpool starting Lineup would be in the midfield of 3 that Brendan would implement along with Stevie and Lucas. the simplest illustration that i could tell is by using Barcelona's sample. Imagine Lucas as Busquets, Gerrard as Iniesta, and Allen as Xavi. those player has their own role in the midfield which would collaborate and compliment each other. While on the bench we still have Jordan, Jonjo, Jay, and Charile (Sahin on the way) it will only then bring good to Liverpool, we would have plenty of option in the midfield in case some of them are injured. Those are needed to be competitive and hopefully we could grab the Champions League position.

My Last message here is not to get carried away with expectation to this young lad, he's still 22 and have a long way to go to prove his worth. But one thing for sure he has the talent. Brendan believe in him and that's what matters. we must support our manager decision. YNWA!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rafael Benitez Rafalution 2004-05 season review

Rafael Benitez Rafalution 2004-05 season review

Found this video, and nostalgic with Rafael Benitez :)  just enjoy the video ... it meaning a lots for me, and mostly all Liverpool FC fans ...

hope you all enjoy the video nostalgia

Kenny Dalglish : Mistake for last season ?

A Mistake by Kenny Dalglish Last Season... (was it?)

Last season, Liverpool FC was on the proper track for finishing within the Big four in English Premier League. It had been simply before Lucas suffering an extended scraped on December. There was no Lucas until the tip of last season, Liverpool FC midfield was suffering and so weak. Even we had Gerrard, Shelvey, Spearing, Adams, and Henderson in the depth of squad, But, they all couldn’t amendment Lucas’s role. Questioning in my head, its was wrong player position, or maybe wrong strategy ? (sorry, perhaps i ought to blaming on Kenny Dalglish)

In my opinion, it was Kenny Dalglish mistake as a manager, that he couldn’t get some improvisation for Liverpool FC midfield last season. He accustomed like Hendersoncompete as a right jock than a central midfielder, or attacking midfielder. He additionally accustomed like Jay Spearing than Jonjo Shelvey for the start up. Seems like, Liverpool FC had no player who might play still as Lucas for defensive midfielder position. Even Spearing wasn’t good enough for this.
 As we tend to might see in Europe ’12, there was Steven Gerrard who compete his role still as Lucas for European nation. He was compete as a defensive midfielder. 2 worn up for him who compete well along side Parker there.

So, perhaps if “King” Kenny Dalglish did some improvisation, I don’t suppose that LFC simply finished in eigth position within the finish of season. The improvisation may well be like 3 midfielders along, wherever Gerrard would play as a ball breaker, Henderson / Adams would play as a ball holder, then Shelvey as a second striker/attacking midfield. Then landscapist may well be compete as a wing striker along side Suarez with massive Andy as a target man.

Stronger middle might build a stronger team. That’s what Rafa did by shopping for Xabi Alonso and Macherano (but, it had been terrible mistake once he bought Aquilani). And that’s additionally a contemporary soccer plan of action (even Manchester United recalled their retiring player to be played).I feel it may well be a higher ending if “King” might see this.
Once again I still same not blaming on Kenny Dalglish. I simply wish to share concerning my opinion. Kenny was a living legend for LFC. Past, now, future, and forever....

author: Yudho Krismanto

Monday, August 13, 2012

Liverpool FC Revolution

Liverpool Revolution

Liverpool are desperate for Revolution. All the people who involved with the football club including owners, fans, player, legends, staff, and other that I couldn’t mention; want to bring back the glory days of 80s where we were a Bastian of Invincibility in England. The era where Kevin Keegan, John Toshack, Kenny Dalgish, Ian Rush, John Aldridge, John Barnes, and Peter Beadsley brought a trophy to the Liverpool Cabinet every season. The “pass and move” football is fun to watch, Liverpool play with a joy in their heart and also the will to win every trophy they could. However does glory days are the history that Liverpool wants to repeat. Believe it or not, we were under a transition from manager to manager towards revolution that we want. It all started from Rafa Benitez. Yes, you heard me, it is Rafa who start all of this.

Rafael Benitez (The Foundation):

The man who brought Liverpool 5th European Cup and 7th FA Cup are the one who realized that we need a change. Even though he managed to bring a few trophies in his early season with “decent squad”, he has a bigger ambition, which is to bring back the glory days and Win the Premier League. In order to do that he need a world class player which was failed to be deliver by the owners. They didn’t gave the funds that he need, That’s why he has to sold his Star player including Xabi Alonso to buy a new one (Johnson and Aquilani). But that’s not enough, at that time Liverpool need a revolution in their squad and Rafa didn’t get what he want. We can’t blame Rafa at that time, the Xabi replacement (Aquilani) are injured for most of the season, as a result they finished 7th in the league. 

Rafa was then sacked at the end of the season due to the poor result, but people forget what Rafa has left for Liverpool. It was Rafa who started to build a new system to the Liverpool youth Academy, his vision is to make Liverpool Academy the best in the world to produce world class player just like Barcelona and Ajax did. He brought Rodolfo Borrell and Pep Seguera, both is the former Barcelona youth coach, they have a job to train the Liverpool youth and flourish their talent. People also shouldn’t forget that it was Rafa who bought Shelvey, Sterling, Suso, and Pacheco at young age and if you look at them now, they are close to break into the first team, they have shown their talent. Rafa also is the one who gave the first team debut for Martin Kelly and Jack Robinson at their young age, and now people can see that both of them are giving tremendous pressure for Liverpool 1st team fullback.  He is the man who builds the foundation for Liverpool Revolution.

Roy Hodgson (The Blamer):

People might think that the assignment of Roy Hodgson to be Liverpool manager is a mistake. For me, it has to be him. At that chaos time, we need a man to take all the blame, it was Roy Hodgson. Tactically, he was poor, he implement rigid formation in which we are usually play boring, wins ugly, and also lost ugly(mostly). But at that condition (confrontation of H&G), there is nothing much that manager can do, it was really a mess and tough time for all the people who involved with the football club. Even Kenny Dalglish couldn’t save Liverpool under that condition. So I personally felt sorry for Roy because he didn’t get his chance. But until the new owner is yet to come, there should be a people who take a blame for poor result. 

Under Roy Hodgson, we could also differentiate which is the glory hunter and which is the real Liverpool fan. At that tough time, Liverpool fans will stand up with their team and if they couldn’t take it anymore, they would support another team. So in this era, Liverpool fans are tested and also learned about pride, loyalty, and believe.

Kenny Dalglish (The Motivator/Philosopher):

King Kenny Dalglish, the man who bring joy to the Liverpool. He replaced Roy Hodgson and implemented the "pass and move" football, the Liverpool traditional football philosophy, the philosophy who won Liverpool 18 Premier League title in the past. He bring back the passion and believe to this football club. something missing under the Roy Hodgson era. Kenny handled the transition that must happen to this football club which is the departure of Fernando Torres. it was written in stone, even though it is Fernando's decision to leave, I think it must be done for the goodness of this football club, Liverpool are too dependent to Fernando, We need a fresh new start to this football club. the departure of star player are exchanged with the arrival of the new, enter Luis Suarez. He inherited the King Kenny's #7,  up until now, Luis has proved that he deserved to wear that prestigious shirt.

The Development of Luis Suarez is also Kenny's work. Suarez has a bad temper and selfish on and off the pitch. but Kenny is the one who taught Suarez how to behave in this beloved football club. Not just Suarez, but all the Liverpool player from the academy to the first team, he emphasized that we must proud to wear this shirt. "Liverpool is more important than any individual" and "All that really matters is the badge on the front, not the name on the back". 

During the Suarez-Evra case, I could see that Kenny has became "The Dark Knight" here. He was blamed for poor management during the case, but for me, he handled it superbly. He showed again what this club is all about, personally Suarez is NOT GUILTY (you all know the reason), and Kenny has shown to Suarez and also everyone connected to the football club that we are all one. we must unite and support the player in times of high and low. this is also something that differentiate Liverpool with other football club. The Liverbird is not a badge, it's family chest. Even though then it cost Kenny the job, we all could see that there are no deny about how important of this football club for the player, especially Suarez who just extended his contract with Liverpool.
This is how crucial Kenny's part to bring revolution to this football club.
Even though he finally could bring the first trophy after five years, he was sacked after his one year and half charge to this football club, the reason is the poor finish in the league, however, even though some people argue that he must still given a change, it must be done, his job's here is done. Actually, His man management skills was superb, tactically, he was helped by his assistant, Steve Clarke; it is not good enough, we need a man who can bring the real revolution to this football club, a man who's tactically brilliant and understand the game in and off the pitch. 

Brendan Rodgers (The Builder):

"Who is him? are you kidding me? is it serious?", maybe those are the majority reaction from the fans when Brendan Rodgers are given the Liverpool job. After the media speculation which consist of big name like Fabio Capello, Frank de Bour, Andre Villas Boas, Rafa Benitez, Joseph Guardiola, and even Roberto Martinez. people doesn't predict and expect that it was Brendan Rodgers who is given the job. 

People doesn't realize that Brendan is capable enough for this football club. he has 20 years of managerial experience due the fact that he is still 39 years old. he was also has previously worked under Jose Maurinho in Chelsea, and even Maurinho predict that Brendan has the capability to became a good manager (not AVB who is also worked with him). He is the type of managers who is tactical (like Rafa and Jose) understand the game superbly. the young manager with modern mind of thinking about football, it was how we could describe him at short. He likes to keep possession and attacking football on to his team, it is the way of going forward for his previous team, Swansea. people even describe Swansea last season as Swanselona, because they play just like them and managed to finished in mid table despite they are promotion team.

That way is the foundation for Brendan to build Liverpool. Brendan emphasized that it was the Liverpool way that he intend to implement here. tiki-taka or Catalan football might be the foundation, but he never said that Liverpool will play "tiki-taka", he always said it is the "Liverpool way",  tiki-taka is the combination of possession and short passing, while the way that Brendan try to implement here is the possession football with short and long pass along with movement. it is the Liverpool way to going forward.

After the difficult era of Rafa, Roy, and Kenny; comes the stability era, the era where Liverpool need to boost up and climb back to the top level, and we need a young manager like Brendan to do that. Not just because he is tactically brilliant, but also because he inherit and idolize the Shanks philosophy. Brendan understand the Liverpool way and even willing to sacrifice anything to make Liverpool success again. the message here for the Liverpool fans is to be patient, we are headed towards the right direction, it is not long for the Glory days to come.

PS: I strongly believed that Brendan came to Liverpool is a fate. While Kenny managed his first full Liverpool season, it was also Brendan first full season in EPL with Swansea. thus, if FSG already hired someone other than Kenny, Brendan might not be considered.

Rafa Benitez is the foundation or the revolution, he is a brave man, he is brave enough to tell the fans that there is something wrong with the owner, he is brave enough to tell there is a conspiracy between FA and Ferguson, He is also the man who build the academy foundation towards the best in the world.
Roy Hodgson is the man who take the blame for all the misdoings of the owner and player (at that current situation), at that chaos situation, in his era we could differentiate the true supporter and the glory hunter. fans are taught about pride, loyalty, and believe to this football club.
Kenny Dalglish is the motivator and philosopher of this revolution, he bring back the believe and taught us about the importance of this football club towards the player, owner, fans and all the people connected to this football club. 
Brendan Rodgers is the builder, he is the man destined to start the new era. under the supportive new owners, his young age, and his understanding about the football game on and off the pitch including the Liverpool Way. It has to be him, the man who has vowed to sacrifice anything (including taking all the blame for his bold decision) to bring the glory days back to our beloved club.

You Will Never Walk Alone
author : Andryan Dedy