Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jordan Henderson : The Rises Of Henderson

The Rises Of Jordan Henderson
Written by : Andryan Dedy

     Who is the most underrated Liverpool Player Last Season? There could be any answer but without a doubt, Jordan name is echoed up there. Labeled with 20 Millions Pounds Transfer fee from Sunderland to Liverpool, People expect something big from the 22 years old midfielder. "The Next Xabi Alonso" is the standard that they expect. However, He failed to managed the big expectation from the Liverpool fans and also "British" media. 

     Deployed mostly as a Right Midfielder by Kenny Dalglish, People already labeled Jordan failed to flourish in that position in his 22 years of age and OUT OF POSITION. Winger should have a good dribbling, good crossing, and must be brave enough to move forward. On contrary, Jordan has a poor dribbling, decent crossing, decent shooting, and sometimes he is too "afraid" to push forward with the ball in him. But People DO forget that "Jordan Brian Henderson" Natural Position is Central Midfield, His main attribute is actually his good vision and his pass on the ball.  

     To backup my opinion, last season, Kenny sometimes tried to play him in CMF while Lucas is injured, and Jordan managed to done superbly in that position, to give an illustration, he played just like young Frank Lampard.  But unfortunately, The manager are too stubborn to put him in the Right Midfielder even though he could see that Jordan has more potential to play in center more than in right. (I don't blame Kenny's decision, he might think that there is something that Jordan can do/learn from that).  

     This article consist of my defense of one of the footballer that I admire, Jordan Henderson. the unfair critics of him should be diminish, the reason is just simply because Jordan style is just doesn't fit with the Kenny's football. in the right midfield, he "must" dribble and cross while his real style is a "pass and move" style. he loved to do pass and movement as well as giving the deadly through ball/cross to the forward. Jordan lacked of contribution last season is just simply because the manager failed to see/use his talent. How could you expect Jordan to play like Xabi while he was playing in Kuyt position? He had all the quality to be the next Xabi IF he was given the chance to play in "Xabi's position". So all the criticism and expectation is rather unfair for this young lad.
     The New Liverpool Manager, Brendan Rodgers has footballing philosophy that with fit with Jordan style. Playing with 4-3-3. The style of 3 midfield that consist of 1 ball winning midfielder (Lucas, Spearing) that has a job to get the ball and pass it to the teammates, 1 deep lying playmaker (Jordan, Adam) that has a job to control the game with passes and gave a through ball to the forward. , and 1 Attacking Midfield (Gerrard, Shelvey) that has a job to move forward with the ball, shooting on goal, and gave through passes to the forward. Jordan can fit the 3 midfield slot as the "deep lying playmaker" directly as his attribute is matched with that role and hopefully, Next Season will be the Season for Jordan Henderson to prove his worth to the team and silence the critics towards him. 

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Grace Evangeline said...

i don't see jordan is suitable for xabi alonso style .. he's pure attacking midfield .. like frank lampard is correctly, but i want he is become like Steven Gerrard :)

but he is not to good to play defensive ...

hope this season, he plays more at midfield .. but we don't have right winger, and i'm affraid Rodger place him as right midfield again :D


Andryan Dedy said...

Actually I agree with you when Liverpool first bought Jordan.

But IMO, if we look at the current situation, Shelvey's style is more familiar to Gerrard compared to Jordan.

Jordan Style is more likely similiar to Xavi (Barcelona) and Xabi (Madrid), which is to pass the ball and control the flow of the game.

Let's just hope Rodgers play 4-3-3 so that Jordan will be placed as Central Midfielder. for the forward i think we can put Downing, Suarez, Borini, Sterling, Cole, and Carroll.