Friday, August 10, 2012

Liverpool FC v FC Gomel Match Review

Match Review: Liverpool vs Gomel 3-0 [Agg: 4-0] European League 2012

What an exciting match, for those who didn't watch the game, If I may quote Suarez,"it's like playing Play Station". The Pass and Movement is really worked. its completely different from the first leg and America tour. the way the football play here is so enjoyful to watch, All the Player know where to pass and where to move. From what i analyzed, it's different with the tiki-taka football that the media said, its the Liverpool way, the combination of short pass, long pass, fast flick, and movement. the only down-point of this match is that we could at least score more goals. another highlight is how fast the player wanted to get back the ball after they lost it, it shows their willingness to control and win the game.

The MOTM is obviously LUIS SUAREZ, his dribbling and movement inspire the goal score by FABIO BORINI, STEVEN GERRARD, and GLEN JOHNSON. Highlight for Borini is that he has crag the egg, the first goal is very important especially when he score it in Anfield. There is no player who played bad at this match. We too solid and strong for the Belarus.

Here is the rating for the LFC Player:
Reina - 7.5 - He make a couple of decent save and play as the 11th player in the team, his pass and quick counter is align with what Brendan Rodgers want

Johnson - 8.5 - Solid, Strong, Fast, his movement from the right was superb, credit for the goal that he scores was an absolute cracker, a left footed strong volley to the left corner of the Gomel Goalie.

Skrtel - 7.5 - Good Defending and Play along with Agger in the center, doesn't gave the opponent chance to score

Agger - 8.0 - Play superbly with his interception and tackle, was very solid along his partner. Doesn't gave a change for the opponent to get pass him

Enrique - 8.0 - Great run and interception from the left. his cross oftenly almost find Luis, but eventually it was often caught in offside position.

Lucas - 8.0 - Brilliant and Solid as DMF, it make Liverpool fans realized how much we miss him.

Shelvey - 7.5 - Prove his worth to the team, work as the box to box midfield where he try to connect the midfield and forward. done superbly, his only letdown is his clumsy tackle.

Gerrard - 8.5 - Deployed as Attacking Midfield who has a great linkup with Suarez and Borini. Deserved his 150th goal. His pass and movement is the core of Liverpool attack

Borini - 8.5 - Has a great Anfield debut. Score his first goal. has a few great linkup with Suarez. 

Downing - 7.5 - Has a good game, make a good progress from the right hand side. his dribbling and movement is so fast and it might be the beginning of new era for Stewart.

Suarez - 9.0 - Dribbling, nutmeg, shooting, passing, flick, linkup, All that his done was brilliant, it is a shame that he couldn't  get his goal. but he shown why he deserved to get his new contract.

PS: Joe Allen might be on the way to Liverpool, He watch this match in Anfield !!!

Author : Andryan Dedy

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