Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Allen: Rodger's Missing Pieces

Joe Allen: Rodger's Missing Pieces 

His Name is Joe Michael Allen, the 22 years old Welsh Midfielder who used to play for Swansea City is now a Liverpool player. After months of speculation, he finally complete his moves to Liverpool just after he finished represent the Great Britain team with a fee around £15,000,000. he was given long-five years contract with 40,000 pounds wages per week. What a bargain for this young talented midfielder !!

Few of you might be wondering what's so special about this so called "Allen".

The answer is that he might be the missing pieces that we need in order to get into the next level. His style of play is the mixture between Xavi and Iniesta. His simple passing is the key to link between the midfielder and forward, not to mention he is also like to penetrate into the opponent penalty box. Allen also has a decent shooting and tackling. If I have to gave him a rate, i would give an A for his short passing, B- for his long passing, B- for his shooting, B for his speed, and lastly B+ for his tackling. 

His position in the Liverpool starting Lineup would be in the midfield of 3 that Brendan would implement along with Stevie and Lucas. the simplest illustration that i could tell is by using Barcelona's sample. Imagine Lucas as Busquets, Gerrard as Iniesta, and Allen as Xavi. those player has their own role in the midfield which would collaborate and compliment each other. While on the bench we still have Jordan, Jonjo, Jay, and Charile (Sahin on the way) it will only then bring good to Liverpool, we would have plenty of option in the midfield in case some of them are injured. Those are needed to be competitive and hopefully we could grab the Champions League position.

My Last message here is not to get carried away with expectation to this young lad, he's still 22 and have a long way to go to prove his worth. But one thing for sure he has the talent. Brendan believe in him and that's what matters. we must support our manager decision. YNWA!!!

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