Monday, August 27, 2012

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

The Way Forward is an analysis of how Liverpool Forward would be under Brendan Rodgers; with 4-3-3 formation in which Liverpool would play with 3 forward, there are plenty of option: Luis Suarez, Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing, Fabio Borini, Oussama Assaidi, and surprisingly, the 17th years old Raheem Sterling.

from the first two matches, it can be seen that Liverpool play with unusual option on the front. 

Firstly, Downing and Sterling are implemented as a Forward Winger who has a job to dribble down the defense and provide crossing from the left/right side of the opponent half

Secondly, Suarez is implemented as a lone central forward up front. basically, his jobs is not only for scoring goals, but also he acts as a decoy by dragging the defender to be high up the pitch in which would leave some space for the midfielder to exploit.

Lastly, Borini is implemented as a Left/Right Winger up front of 3 forward. truthfully, his jobs is not to be a winger like Downing/Sterling. but to be a Poacher in the front of the goal. He will come freely from behind to score a goal while Suarez and other forward dragging the other defender.

to sum up there are three different job for each of the three forward upfront. for the alternative player that could fill the 1 forward winger role, it would be Assaidi, Sterling, Downing; for 1 central forward role it could be fill by Suarez, Borini, or Carroll; and lastly, the 1 poacher forward role could be fill by Borini or Suarez.

There are still plenty of combination and option in the attacking forward position to be explore by Brendan Rodgers. we still hasn't seen the skills of Oussama Assaidi and Andy Carroll yet. Brendan would have some role for both of them. For Liverpool fans, one think to be remembered is that this is Liverpool Football Club, No one bigger than the club itself, so there is no guarantee of starting 11 for every player, they need to prove themselves and be ready when the club need them.

Author : Andryan Dedy

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