Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kenny Dalglish : Mistake for last season ?

A Mistake by Kenny Dalglish Last Season... (was it?)

Last season, Liverpool FC was on the proper track for finishing within the Big four in English Premier League. It had been simply before Lucas suffering an extended scraped on December. There was no Lucas until the tip of last season, Liverpool FC midfield was suffering and so weak. Even we had Gerrard, Shelvey, Spearing, Adams, and Henderson in the depth of squad, But, they all couldn’t amendment Lucas’s role. Questioning in my head, its was wrong player position, or maybe wrong strategy ? (sorry, perhaps i ought to blaming on Kenny Dalglish)

In my opinion, it was Kenny Dalglish mistake as a manager, that he couldn’t get some improvisation for Liverpool FC midfield last season. He accustomed like Hendersoncompete as a right jock than a central midfielder, or attacking midfielder. He additionally accustomed like Jay Spearing than Jonjo Shelvey for the start up. Seems like, Liverpool FC had no player who might play still as Lucas for defensive midfielder position. Even Spearing wasn’t good enough for this.
 As we tend to might see in Europe ’12, there was Steven Gerrard who compete his role still as Lucas for European nation. He was compete as a defensive midfielder. 2 worn up for him who compete well along side Parker there.

So, perhaps if “King” Kenny Dalglish did some improvisation, I don’t suppose that LFC simply finished in eigth position within the finish of season. The improvisation may well be like 3 midfielders along, wherever Gerrard would play as a ball breaker, Henderson / Adams would play as a ball holder, then Shelvey as a second striker/attacking midfield. Then landscapist may well be compete as a wing striker along side Suarez with massive Andy as a target man.

Stronger middle might build a stronger team. That’s what Rafa did by shopping for Xabi Alonso and Macherano (but, it had been terrible mistake once he bought Aquilani). And that’s additionally a contemporary soccer plan of action (even Manchester United recalled their retiring player to be played).I feel it may well be a higher ending if “King” might see this.
Once again I still same not blaming on Kenny Dalglish. I simply wish to share concerning my opinion. Kenny was a living legend for LFC. Past, now, future, and forever....

author: Yudho Krismanto

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Grace Evangeline said...

sacking kenny, that was the big mistake :)