Sunday, August 5, 2012

Liverpool FC: Alberto Aquilani officially joined Fiorentina

Liverpool FC: Alberto Aquilani officially joined Fiorentina

Aquillani finally officially joined Fiorentina, This 28-year old player, signed a three-year contract with a club from seria A. The new manager Brendan Rodgers is the one who stated that Aquilani could leave Anfield, possibly because Aquilani did not fit in the Rodger's scheme of play.

What is the cost of transfer, is still in secret, and it can be understandable, because most of the money from the contracts are so lucrative Aquilani, that he still has two years of his contract.

Cost 17 ​​million pounds of Rome in the year 2009, like in the waste, The chance to play Aquilani is very little, and actually hinder career Aquilani.

Only 26 appearances, and in his first year campaign, Roy Hodgson loaned Aquilani to Juventus in August 2010. Then substitute for Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish continued this tradition, with Aquilani loaned to AC Milan, but the permanent transfer agreements which do not occur.

Aquilani back to mellwood, and come pre-season tour to America, but then, Brendan Roger made ​​it clear that Aquilani is free to leave Anfield.

Overall, Aquilani played 28 games, and Fiorentina hope to replicate it in the next season.

"We have agreed with the agency Aquilani, and stated that Aquilani is now Fiorentina's" Mention from Fiorentina president Andrea Della

"Aquilani is a player that we want and we'll be our star for ever."

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