Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today, in history 2009, Xabi Alonso leave Anfield

Today, in the year 2009 ... Xabi Alonso is the departure to Real Madrid, with a transfer worth 35 million pounds. Important figures who fill our midfield, which until now no one has been able to replace. Lucas, Spearing, Aquilani, they all, in my opinion, they are still below the level of ability Alonso. And as evidenced by the decline of the team rankings, of rank 2, to the rank of 7, and ends with the firing of the coach, Rafael Benitez.

Time when there is Xabi Alonso, Our midfield are so tough, with the help by Javier Mascherano as a breaker, and Steven Gerrard as skipper, then our team is a fearless team, both in the premier league, as well as the league champion. its proven by a strong teams like, man utd, chelsea, real madrid, barcelona, we've can beat them both at home and away.

The great and beautifull periode is over, with a very beautiful memories that we become one of the elite teams in Europe and in England. Now we are currently building a new power, With the new owner, new coach, even with a few new players and old players (with a new spirit). Hopely that Liverpool can became to be a dominant team, both in Europe and in England.

Xabi Alonso, give us a great title UCL title and I hope Alonso dan a better career, both in Madrid and in Spain. We are all supporters of Liverpool, will always miss you Xabi , and always hope the best for you.

Thank You Xabi Alonso


Tomsky said...

will he comeback to anfield ? we hope so much xaabi :')

Grace Evangeline said...

Yes, i hope so :)
But maybe he's too old to play again in anfield hehehe

Maybe for a coaching staff?