Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Daniel Agger : Liverpool FC Transfer SAGA

Should LFC Let Agger Go???

Written by : Yudo Nugroho

There’re so many reasons why LFC should let Agger go. But, in my opinion, Agger’s football carrier hasn’t over yet.

I know, he has something called prone injury. But, when he’s fit and plays together with his Slovakian partner as center back, there always be a different defence in LFC’s defending area.

We must remember about the mistake that LFC did to Xabi Alonso. The management wanted some cash urgently. So, they sold Xabi to Real Madrid for about just £ 30.000.000. Then, they try to bid Gareth Barry, the only man who we found him move to the Citizen that time. For those who want to get some cash by selling him, they can learn about this.

In the other case, let’s talk about Shevchenko, who was sold by AC Milan to Chelsea when his ability as a world-class striker was almost finished. Yes, AC Milan was smart when they decided to sell Il Tsar to Chelsea. They could see that his performance was not good during his last season in Milan. So, they decided to sell him, while there’s a club who made a £ 30.000.000 bid for him.

In the cases above, we can conclude that a great player like Agger, who can get his prone injury any time but can still give so many contributions to LFC when he plays, is still needed by LFC. It’s not about how many times he has been played in since he came to Anfield. It’s all about his performance and effort when he plays. What a class center back!

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Agger!!!

By: Yudo Nugroho

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