Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brendan Rodgers Defense

The Defense for Brendan Rodgers

written by : Andryan Dedy

In the past few weeks, Liverpool fans are fused about Brendan Rodgers and FSG. They are starting to panic and angry about Brendan who had get rid of few players like Kuyt, Aquilani, Maxi, and possibly Agger, Carroll and Bellamy. while on the other side, Liverpool only have signed one player, Fabio Borini, an unproven young striker. His act became unpopular to the eye of few Liverpool fans, they even labeled him as "mediocre manager" and said that FSG is about "Money" and no different with their previous owner. Does it really work that way?
FSG came to save Liverpool from H&G with 300 million, they even paid all the Liverpool debt. Their vision is to bring stability to Liverpool for long term. "The Liverpool way" is the way that they want to do it. There is no doubt that if they want, Liverpool can go with Chelsea and City way, to bring as many world class player as they can with ridiculous fees and wages; at the end it will only bring chaos, for short term you can see that Chelsea and City are successful, but it is not for long (huge debt, expenses,etc), something instant will never came good, it just like a time bomb which we don't know when but it will explode.

I just want people to try to look at the bigger picture and try to look at it at different perspective. the reason why they offload Kuyt, Aquilani, and Maxi is their wages, the trio is not the regular first XI of Brendan and for them to get those wages despite their role to the team, it is better to sold them, not to mention that their age is almost at the peak(old), those are the reason also why Liverpool try to sold Bellamy back to his hometown,Cardiff. The recent rumors about Agger might be for different reason, if City/Barca/PSG offer huge amount of fee to offshore Agger, why wouldn't Liverpool accept it? his position is Ball Playing Central Defender, in which is not irreplaceable; we still have Coates, Coady, Sama, Wisdom, and even Wilson to fill the gap, it can even become a chance for them to prove their worth of the team. and again Liverpool will get benefit as Agger is injury prone, and also if they became "too dependent" with the injury player, what happen if Agger is injured again? the other doesn't have a capability to replace him because of their lack of chance to prove themselves in the first team. for me Agger selling is 50-50. There is nothing wrong if Liverpool try to keep or sell him.

Lastly is the lack of signing. it is better to keep in mind that Liverpool is not Champions Leauge club. it is difficult for them to attract star player. the only thing that they could do is to look at more promising talent rather than buying a star player, in fact Liverpool never buy star player, they buy decent player and make them a star, that is the Liverpool Way. Example: Who was Alonso, Garcia, Torres, Mascherano, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson, and even Suarez before Liverpool bought them? They are ALL still consider as Good or OK player, the labeled of "WORLD CLASS" or "STAR" player came after they play for Liverpool. It is just a matter of time before we could see another signing or selling by Brendan Rodgers, the man knows what he is doing, he loves and knows football as well as everything about Liverpool Football Club. We should put trust to him, for me he is a BRAVE man, he is dare to become unpopular with his decision to help Liverpool competitive again.

"You have to have the sense a past, the sense of present, and the sense of future; and whatever it takes to make Liverpool successful, then my life is devoted" Brendan Rodgers
At the end of the storm there is a golden sky. YNWA Brendan Rodgers!!!!

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