Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Author : Andryan Dedy

Time, Time, TIME.................. 
Yes, it's all been said for over and over, since the era of Gerard Houllier, Rafa Benitez, Roy Hodgson, Kenny Dalglish, and Now Brendan Rodgers. and yet, there is no significant progress that the fans see, we are all tired of hearing excuses, Liverpool need to get their glory back. We have changed five managers and still we haven't won the premier league.

The Problem is not on the manager, we have had a world class manager before. the problem that must be resolve is within the club itself, the culture. We play without direction and philosophy, that's why we become so inconsistent.

For those who think that Brendan should Out, my message is,"Are you kidding me?".  This time for once, I can tolerate the excuse of time by our managers. It is completely insane to think that Brendan's Strategy is not work out. Against West Brom we play wonderful football in the first half and so unlucky at the end. Against City we play superbly and let down by our sloppy mistake. Against Arsenal, we do play wonderful football, but let down by HOWARD WEBB, Yes, Could you imagine that if only he made the decision correctly, we could have at least two penalty that should be awarded which then could changed the entire game?

No disrespect to other manager, but i think that our previous manager has no vision like Brendan did. they don't have any direction to what football that they want to play and how they want to build Liverpool. Brendan has clearly stated the Liverpool way, the Shanks way of Liverpool football is the one that he want to bring back, not tiki-taka, not possession football, it's the Liverpool way.

Before I continue on my view, I look at the people who already worked and is working with Brendan, none of them gave a bad impression to him. they've like him at a person and managers. For Instance:

"It is great to play football for him because you can have fun and you can get results. I could see at Swansea the people loved him because the football was attractive. People like to see football (played) like this." Fabio Borini

"When Brendan is talking, you're so focused on what he's saying, He gets your attention 100 per cent. You can be in a meeting for half an hour with him, but it'll feel like 10 minutes. It's clear for everyone to see the way Brendan wants us to play. He did fantastic at Swansea and he's a fantastic coach." Glen Johnson
"I think a lot of players will enjoy his training methods and his approach towards everything. From the moment he walked through the doors at Swansea, there was a feeling that he was going to take the club onto the next level. And he did." Joe Allen 
 "There are lots of teams here that aren't very well set up tactically. He's a coach that can see that if you can work tactically you can derive a lot of benefit from that; you can be different. If you're well organised, and you can play the ball, you can be successful." Luis Suarez
"Brendan was a young guy when he started working at Chelsea. He had lots of energy, lots of enthusiasm, very good ideas. He was learning but also showing his ideas, sharing things. I enjoyed very much working with Brendan and we keep in touch. I am not saying every day or every week, but we keep in touch a lot because it's the kind of feeling we want to keep forever." Jose Mourinho

I could go on, but those quotes above is already enough to represent Brendan's work to the team. I couldn't think anyone else could managed Liverpool other than Brendan. He is a good tactical managers who loves to play attractive and attacking football. he knows the game well, and most importantly, he knows what he was doing. even the "Only One" itself stated that Brendan is something else, he said that Brendan is a hard working and intelligent guy. He even stated that the one that he believe could be a great manager is Brendan, not AVB.

The Revolution needs time. I believe in Brendan approach, tactically and in man management. for those who are moaning about transfer window, believe me, Brendan and Henry is as well disappointed as us. we should just keep going on. maybe it is a chance for our youngster like Morgan, Suso, Pacheco to prove his worth to the team.

I recommend All of you to watch the MONEYBALL movie, it's a baseball movie. but you will be amazed by the idea of the movie. it's about how to valued a player based on their ability. i think it is something that Liverpool try to adapt to. by selling their unwanted player and not overpaid when buying a player.

Lastly, We SHOULD now CHEER UP and SUPPORT our team more than ever. Let's make ANFIELD a Bastion of Invinsibility. Let's sing Louder than ever (we are so silent in Anfield vs Arsenal). That's What the Player needed, That's what the manager needed. That's the only thing that we could do as a Supporter of this football club


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We, true Liverpudlian will never let the team walk alone! YNWA!

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