Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Liverpool FC Player to Watch

Liverpool FC Player to Watch 
Author : Andryan Dedy 

Here are the list of Liverpool Player that we should watch it progress, they would make a breakthrough and make a significant impact to the team.

1. Raheem Sterling

Believe me, it is not just you, all of Liverpool fans are surprised when Raheem started against City. he is still 17 years old but he already proved during the match against City and Arsenal, that he can do it. he was something else, he managed to break down Toure,Zabaleta, and Jenkinson, the more experience player than him.

He will have a big part this season, No doubt that he will become the next Liverpool Star, Something that always been missing in Liverpool, the left winger. Since the era of John Barnes, Liverpool didn't have any more good left winger. Raheem might be the answer to this Liverpool problem

2. Joe Allen

Joe has managed the expectation of all the critics for him. Being bought with a fee of 15 million pounds, some people do wonder if he's worth that much. but now, with only three premier league matches, he proved that he could be one of the best midfielder in the world. 

His passing accuracy was admirable, he could also tackle well and has a good understanding to control the game from the back. Something that Liverpool been missing when Lucas was injured. but now, Liverpool are lucky enough to have Allen and Lucas, two of the best DMF in EPL. and if nothing goes wrong, Allen could even become the best player for Liverpool this season.

3. Jonjo Shelvey

Jonjo Shelvey, the young midfield has already proved to fans and managers that he deserved a place in Liverpool Starting XI, he managed to replace the regular position of Henderson. Brendan prefer to play him, and you can see why. He remind us to the young Steven Gerrard. Brave, Strong, he can pass, he can shoot, all the attribute needed to become good Attacking Midfielder.

Brendan itself changed his mind to loan him out this season after seeing his performance during the America Tour. Nobody couldn't doubt that Jonjo will become Liverpool's important player this season.

4. Fabio Borini

The Hard-working young versatile striker. "The fans will loved him", said Brendan.

He only managed to score one goal in his earlier career, but he has the ability, technique, and mentality to become a big player for Liverpool. All he need is time and he will bang to score for the reds. he is a good finisher, someone that we need to fix our goal-scoring problem.

5. Nuri Sahin

Being Abandoned by Real Madrid, Sahin will try to prove that he is not over. He will play for the best for Liverpool as he stated before that he wants to play football. he even didn't rule out the chance of permanent moved to Liverpool if he satisfied enough with the club.

There is still long way to go for Sahin, but he has time. There is something in him that makes Brendan and Wenger want him. As a supporter, we can only believed that he will be back to his performance in Dortmund.

6. Adam Morgan

He is one of Liverpool prospective striker from academy. Already featured in Europa League campaign with Liverpool first team, he has the talent to be Liverpool's Future Striker. His goal scoring record in the academy was frightening, he even  managed a record to score in 10 games in a row.

The local Scouser who Grow up idolizing Gerrard, Carra, and Xabi, will determine to prove that he can become the next Liverpool Hero. he will get his chance as Liverpool failed to land more striking force in the end of transfer window.

7. Suso

He was Disappointed, because he being left out by Brendan after stunning performance during the America tour. He can be deployed as CMF, AMF, or even WG/SS. his versatility was superb. He has a good technique and vision.

Another youngster that might be benefited because the failure to land another striker. he will get his chance and prove that he can also be the next Liverpool Star. 

That's all my thought ... what about you ??? any comment ... ??