Thursday, September 6, 2012

Liverpool fc, How Should we fix the problem ?

How We might fix Our Problem??

Current XI:

There is nothing wrong with the back four, this is the strongest possible line-up that we have. though i doubt Reina capability in GK line, but he is our best choice for now.

The Problem lies in the Midfield and Forward Line.
Only Joe Allen in the midfield that has done a great job: he intercept pass, make a tackle, pass the ball back and forth, and even start the attack from the back-line.

Steven Gerrard and Nuri Sahin did a terrible job to link the midfield to forward. they failed to make a great through ball as well as doing penetration to the opponent defense. they even make a sloppy pass that leads to the opposition counter attack which then leads to goal.

In Forward Line, Borini was a failure in the Right Wing. Such a waste that one of our best finisher are deployed in the Wing and failed to make an impact.

For Suarez, he is not meant to be the Central Forward. He's done terribly, he need support to create his magical performance. even in Ajax and Uruguay, he never be a Lone Striker. He become deadly only when he has partner of front or when he deployed as Wing Forward

Only Sterling that did a great job, he's done his part well though it is not enough to make an impact to the game.

There is no other choice in GK, i do hopefully we have another GK equivalent to Reina to create more competition. Reina's performance has decreased and need something to keep him motivated and come back to his best.

Defensive Line, there is no problem, Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique is our best player.

Allen should start, while Shelvey and Sahin play in the CMF. For me, Shelvey is our best player when he played, the young Steven Gerrard. he play just like Stevie in his prime. He deserved his chance as he can be a player that can make a difference.
Sahin on the other hand, are one of our most expected signing. He might haven't play well, but he deserved to be on starting XI. His pass, movement, and tricks will bring new dimension in our attack option.

On the Forward Line, Stevie G should be put in the Right Wing, though he didn't have the pace, he still has his deadly crossing and decent shooting. He might work well there more than in Attacking Midfield.

Borini on the other hand, should be put back in his original position, Central Forward. He has a good finishing and great movement. he might as well fix our finishing problem.

Suarez also should be put in his best position, Left Wing Forward. It is his best position in Ajax where he could score 49 goals in 48 appearances. he could penetrate the opposition defense from the wing and create a good opportunity for his teammates to score.

Author : Andryan Dedy 

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