Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liverpool FC : Football Club? Religion?

Liverpool: Football Club? Religion?
Author : Andryan Dedy 

i believe most of Liverpool fans felt the way i do seeing our beloved Football Club failed to grab their first win against Sunderland. We are all gutted with the result. After 2 weeks off-football and one emotional week about Hillsborough, we are all dying to complete the momentum with a Win, but somehow, again and again, Our Patience is tested it then makes me wonder how much does Liverpool fans around the world loved this football club. it is almost like a Worship of Religion. 

People goes to places of worship every week, whether it is Church, Mosque, or others, so does Liverpool fans goes to watch Liverpool every week. Believer (People who believed in God) follows God's Rule throughout their lives, so does Liverpool fans who follow Shank's philosophy in every single aspects of their lives. A Believer require patience, honesty, and loyalty towards their God, so does Liverpool fans who are loyal, honest, and patience towards this Football club. Believer goes to their places of worship to sing and worship their God, so Does Liverpool fans who always sings and prying for Liverpool win in every match that they played.

for me, As a man of God and Liverpool fans. I even wonder sometimes which one I devoted my Life more. FYI, my religion is a minority in my country, i am struggled but i kept on believing to what i believe. there is not even a second for me thinking to betray my God. That's what i also learned from supporting Liverpool which is also a minority in my country. I kept on supporting Liverpool, i dont care even though we win, draw, or lost. i dont care even if my friends kept on mocking me about my club. I stand to kept on supporting them for the rest of my life. My Devotion to God and Liverpool is my Way of Life. God is for now and afterlife while Liverpool is for my current world living.

They are both the things that makes me the way i am now. i am proud to be different than anybody else. i am proud to what i believed. I also understand that my frustration for Liverpool is more because i want them to Win so badly. we are all wanted that. but there is  much more important things than winning, it is all about devotion and hard work. 

What about all of you guys? how much do you loved this football club?

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Grace Evangeline said...

Liverpool is my religion :D