Friday, September 28, 2012

Rodgers : He who dived, got the penalty ?

Rodgers : Diver got the penalty ?

Brendan Rodgers picture vs Man Utd
Brendan Rodgers, again re-issued to the premier league refferee. He feel that today's the player who dived got the penalty.

Rodgers feel, Liverpool  has several times been impaired by the referee's decision early this season. Last weekend he was ​​furious by the decision of the referee gives a red card to Jonjo Shelvey, and reward Manchester United  penalty, when the two teams faced each other in the Premier League.

In the same match he also questioned tackled conducted Jonny Evans against Luis Suarez, but there is no penalty for the Reds. Another complaint about the referee is Rodgers tackles against Jordan Henderson by West Bromwich Albion player in the arena of Capitol one cup, which ultimately makes the WBA able to score first goal.

Rodgers said the current tendency is, the referee gave a penalty to players who dive. While that was really fouled even considered faking it and got a yellow card.

 "We want to win, but we want to get it in an honest way. I've explained to my players if I do not want any players diving, I want to try to win honestly. But we have to be careful with the fact that when you fall you can penalty, while when you keep up then you will not get it, "Rodgers said in the Telegraph.

"As happened to Luis Suarez, he is not diving, it is valid, but he did not get a penalty and instead get a card for diving. My point is, there are clubs that play by the rules like we were and the manager told 'do not fall' but we did not get the right decisions related to it, "he continued.

Although often received unfavorable decision from the referee, Rodgers said that he will continue to ask players to act honestly in the field.

"We think that we are a team sport that fair, I always tell my players to do the right thing, no diving, play fair. But the fair play we show, it seems that the decision appeared just against us," complete the Northern Ireland's 39-year-old manager

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