Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gerrard: Suarez Reputation Referee Should Consider

Gerrard: Reff Should Consider Suarez Reputation !!

Suarez been tackle by evans, but called as dive

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, requested that the referee acted more fair to his partner, Luis Suarez. He considered, the Uruguay striker was suffering enough as it is often labeled as a 'handyman diving' in the  penalty box since last season.

"I felt when Luis actually dropped in the box now, the referee will give a penalty," complained Gerrard as reported by Sky Sports.

Suarez had previously received a yellow card for diving when Liverpool's 1-1 draw with Sunderland on Saturday (15/09/2012). In the match against Manchester United, despite falling since colliding with Jonny Evans in the forbidden box, the referee did not give a penalty for Liverpool.

"He did get a yellow card at Sunderland, but against Manchester United, it is clear penalty," said Gerrard again.

"Back to the referee to decide and give them what they saw. If it was not a penalty, need not be given. But if it is clear, give. Was only a matter of justice," he continued.
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Gerrard also commented about the penalty gift fit for United, which was awarded by referee Mark Halsey. Liverpool defender Glen Johnson, judged breaking Antonio Valencia in the penalty box.

"Reputation is certainly going to be the main thing to make a decision each person. Valencia is not one who is known as a diver, so he got the (penalty)," said Gerrard.

"If they are in the same situation at the time, a penalty should be given to Luis and Valencia will not get it," he said then.

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