Friday, September 21, 2012

Young Boys vs Liverpool Match Rating

Young Boys vs Liverpool Match Rating

Jones: 6.5 - Do Quite Ok, make a decent safe, let down by the defender mistake.

Wisdom: 7 - Towering Header to Score his first LFC goal, do very good in his LFC debut, have a good composure and understand how the game should play.

Coates: 7 - Quite Decent from the back, make some good interceptions and tackle, his goal gives liverpool a hope to chase the game.

Carragher: 4.5 - He is almost finish, make a few defensive error that cost the game

Enrique: 3 - Worst than ever, he defends very badly, some of his mistake let to the goal

Henderson: 7- quite good in his DMF position, make 2 asisst. have a decent game even though he is out of his usual position

Sahin: 7 - good assist from the corner to gave Wisdom his first goal, tactically good and have a good movement on the ball.

Suso: 7 - Quite an impressive debut for the young lads, his footwork remind us to Iniesta, he is been much more effective in 2nd half where he is deployed as wing forward

Downing: 5 - almost contribute nothing except the first liverpool goal, cannot take on player and his crossing is poor

Assaidi: 7 - has a good debut, his dribbling is admirable, so close to score his first goal. he might be a good player for Liverpool if he keep up his performance

Pacheco: 4.5 - it is now understandable why he is dropped by RH, KK. he is quite bad, cant even hold the ball


Borini: 7 - his movement is good, almost score a goal for himself, contribute to Coates and Shelvey's goal

Shelvey: 8.5 - his goal and style of play remain us to our skipper, Stevie G. he comes out and change the course of the game, definetely MOTM

Sterling: 6 - come on in 2nd half at the end, contribute to the defense quite good. much more better than downing

 Young boys vs Liverpool
young boys vs liverpool fc - the youngster of Liverpool fc

 Young boys vs Liverpool
Shelvey Celebration with borini

 Young boys vs Liverpool
Downing first Goal, cause young boys own goal

 Young boys vs Liverpool
Jonjo Shelvey Celebration 1st Goal

 Young boys vs Liverpool
Shelvey joy for 2nd goal

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