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BPL 2012 - 2013

Once again, Liverpoolcannot win at anfield, held draw 0 - 0 by Stoke City ( sunday oct 7th 2012 ). The result dissappointed the liverpudlian, they hope can win after five match before at anfield Liverpool never had won. Stoke strikes first throught ex liverpool star, Charlie Adam, 5 minutes after kick off, but his strike still no problem for Liverpool defenders.

The match runs in medium speed, at 20th minutes, Pepe Reina almost make another blunder, his kick was intercepted by Michael Knightly, but luckily he can save the ball. Stoke seems really try to steal goals in the first half. Statistic shown that five of the potters six goals this season was made on the first half.

In last eight season of Premier league, only eleven goal made in Liverpoolvs Stoke match history.

In 27th minutes, Liverpoolskipper Steven Gerrard try his speculation kick from 25 yard, ball is on target, but still can be saved by Asmir Begovic. Until the 30th minutes, Liverpooldominated the match by 53% ball possession, but still they cannot made a goals from several great chance.

In 33rd minutes, Gerrard success to intercept Marc Wilson ball, and pass to Luis Suarez. Only one by one with Begovic, Stephen Hunt fauls him, Hunt already been booked, and it can make him sent off, but No !! ... theres no card. 

The second half start and The reds increase the speed, 4 minutes after the kick off, Gerrard plays one two with suarez, but the pass to suarez was saved by Ryan Shawcross tackle.

In 52nd minutes, once again Gerrard sent a great pass to Glen Johnson, but his kick is blast away over the bar.

in 59th minutes, Suares do a great solo run from the midfield, but his kicked is to high. Looks that Luis is almost lost his emotion. After that, Raheem Sterling had a chance, his shot is beat Begovic, but cannot beat the bar. 

Another chance come when Luis Suarez dribbles the ball on Stoke penalty box, he was fell down, but the refferee said that was a dive. On TV reply, shown that there is no contact between stoke defender and suarez. The last chance for Liverpoolcome from Gerrard free kick, sent a long ball to far post,  Martin Skrtell kick the ball, but it run only in front of the goals. 

The games ended, and Liverpool again was held to draw against Stoke City. And The Reds is fails to give a first win at anfield in the last six games. This result held Liverpoolposition in 14th premier League table, with six point, and only 3 point from reading in 18th position, but reading still play six games.


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